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Sticker Guide

This is an information page about the different stickers for you to feel comfortable when placing the order.


The stickers vary in thickness to create different feelings and add another dimension. The thickness depends on which material is used.
0mm - paper, metallic
1mm - epoxy
2mm - felt, epoxy, foam, plastic
3mm - foam, plast, epoxy
4mm - foam, plast, Capsuled
5mm - Capsuled


The stickers have different surfaces depending on which material is used.
Glossy - Plastic, Hologram, Capsuled, Glitter, paper, epoxy, metallic
Semiglossy - foam, paper
Semimatte - foam, paper
Matte - paper, felt

1 KlistermärkssorterPaper

Paper is a very common material to stickers. Thickness is like a normal piece of paper and the surface is either glossy, shiny or glittering.

Decoration  Stars  Letters


Epoxy-stickers are hard and shiny. They are usually 1-2 mm thick in the shape of a glue blob. These stickers are transparent and are excellent for decoration and sticking on colorful backgrounds. Because of the thickness of the sticker, they add an extra dimension to the result.

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KlistermärkssorterFelt Sticker

Felt is a widely used material for stickers, they make the sticker feel soft and smooth and thick. The felt is approximately 2 mm thick and it's basically the same material used for fleece. The felt is white and the design is printed on the surface of the felt. Felt stickers is suitable for cutting and gluing and together with other natural themes.

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KlistermärkssorterPlastic, PVC

Stickers in hard transparent plastic is quite unusual but are perfect to use on hard colorful surfaces in rough environments. Plastic stickers are approximately 2 mm thick. The surface is glossy.

Seasons & Weather  Sweets




Foam is an interesting sticker material. Thickness is about 2 mm and it is soft and semiglossy. It is delightful to touch and press the sticker. Foam stickers are perfect for cute or soft themes or sceneries.

Fancy Characters  Glow-in-the-dark  Pororo




1 KlistermärkssorterCapsuled stickers (hollow or liquid stickers)

Capsuled stickers can't be found elsewhere than Stickercorner.com. The sticker is capsuled by a thick plastic capsule and it is either hollow inside or filled with water liquid. The thickness is about 5 mm and the surface is shiny and hard. It is a fun sticker to create 3D or volume. The liquidfilled stickers have a small air bubble inside moving around. The hollow stickers have a small character inside moving around.

Liquid-filled  Disney  Pororo 


1 KlistermärkssorterGlow-in-the-dark

These stickers glow in the dark, that is why they are called Glow-in-the-Dark. The sticker material varies from foam, paper etc. The thickness of the sticker varies with the material. Some stickers have a print on the surface while others are just white-yellowish. To make the sticker glow the most, recharge them in sunlight before use.


Glitter Stickers

1 Klistermärkssorter

Glitter Stickers are fun and makes the viewer to look one more time at the sticker. The glitter is printed on the surface of the sticker. The sticker material varies from paper, plastic, foam etc. The thickness varies depending on which material is used. The grain size of the glitter is varying creating diffrerent effect on the sticker.

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Metallic stickers1 Klistermärkssorter

Metallic stickers are made of a thin foil. The metallic stickers is often combined with hologram-effect. The thickness is as thin as a paper. Metallic stickers makes the background look more worthwhile and valuable.

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1 KlistermärkssorterHologram Stickers

Hologram effect is a great add-on to the sticker. It can be used as a 3D effect to the design or just make it look colorful. The colors are reflected differently depending on where the light source is. Thickness varies depending on which material is used and the surface is always glossy.

Pororo  Ben10



Some stickers have a packaging that can be used as a background for the stickers. The stickers are not reusable once they are put on the background.




Choking Hazard, Small Parts, Not For Children Under 3 Years