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Delivery Terms

Order pending

Your pending order can be tracked by contacting our Customer Service.

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation is sent to the specified email address after the purchase. If you don't receive the order confirmation by email, please contact Customer Service.

Post Delivery

All deliveries are sent by airmail from Sweden. The packages are delivered to your mailbox. If the package is too large to be delivered directly to your mailbox, it can be collected at your local post office.

Delivery time

The delivery time us usually 4-6 days from the day of the order. If one or some items are backordered the delivery might take longer. For individual printstickers, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks. If the delivery seems to take too much time you have the right to cancel the purchase. Please contact Customer Service.

Return policy and refund

Return Policy
Refund of item can be done within 14 days of delivery. Please contact Customer Service
within 14 days from receival of package. Always contact Customer Service before you send anything back.

In order to approve the refund the item must be in mint condition. The postage back to Stickercorner.com is on your own expense. Save the postage receipt in case anything happens, you are responsible for the return freight.

Defect item

Defect delivery
We guarantee the perfect condition of the items. If somehow you would receive a defect item, we will resend you a new item without any extra charges.

Notification of defect item
If the item is damaged or in a bad condition upon receival it is your responsibility to notify our Customer Service within a reasonable time frame.

Different Delivery Address

If you would like to send the package to another address than your own, please click the box "Other Delivery address" when checking out.

Item missing in package

If you have received the package with missing items, please contact Customer Service and provide following informatio:

- Order number
- the article number of missing items

I haven't received my order

Please contact Customer Service to find out if the items have been sent to you.
The delivery normally takes 4-6 days. If you haven't received the package after 14 days, please contact us and we will track the package.