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Design your own company car magnet!

Car magnets are excellent marketing tools, they are applied on the vehicle and can be easily removed anytime leaving no stains or scratches. The magnet effect is strong and keeps the magnet in place.
Questions and Answers:

Q: How can you keep such competitive pricing?
A: We are working with printing factories in Asia which deliver perfect results and fast delivery.

Q: How's the quality of the car magnet?
A: The magnet sticks to all metallic surfaces and keeps the magnet in place in all weather conditions. The best surface is an even surface but slightly curved surfaces is no problem at all.

Q: What is reflecting effect?
A: Most traffic signs have a reflecting background which makes them visible in the dark. You can chose the option to include the reflecting effect upon ordering.

F: Can I order different shapes other than rectangular?
S: Yes, it's possible. However we can only create simpler designs like circles or ovals. For more comples designs we recommend the customer to cut the magnet once it's delivered.
F: Which resolution is required for best result?
S: 200 dpi is recommended. Less dpi might work as well but the result is questionable.

F: Which file formats can I use?
S: Please use one of the specified formats:AI,JPG, PNG, PSD, BMP, GIF, EPS.

F: Can I use any color codes I want?
S: Yes, our recommendation is RGB, 8 bits per channel.

F: Can you print pictures, photographs?
S: Of course.

F: If I order more of the same car magnet design, do I get a discount?
S: Absolutely, please contact us for quote.

F: What is the expected delivery time?
S: The picture is sent to printing for confirm and print and delivery, 3 weeks.

F: My file is bigger than 5 mb, how do I upload then?
S: You can mail it to info@stickercorner.com or use Google documents or if you can send us a link to where the uploaded file is, we will download it.